Treat yourself & someone special too

It was my mum’s birthday this week and in the run up to the day I was racking my brains to find something affordable for her to enjoy. She’s not really one for birthdays but you’ve got to treat the Madre. Considering the final year pressure I am under and the everyday stresses my mum is under, I thought some kind of pampering was due for the both of us.

Looking for something close to home, but also luxurious and relaxing, I came across Smooth You Town Spa located in the heart of Dalston Junction. Funnily enough it was a place I had found a year ago, on an internet hunt for something to do for my 20th. Despite having put down a deposit, I never managed to finalise the plans.

As I looked through their website again I was impressed by the clean, sleek and easy navigation of the site. Considering, I already had a £20 deposit which was valid for a year, it was the perfect time for me to use it. With a Mother’s Day offer available for the month, I negotiated on the phone to upscale the offer from express to luxury treatments for both of us.

We arrived a little late (my fault, guilty as charged), but they were very understanding. We had a beautiful luxury manicure including a massage (it was meant to include a hand mask, but we were running behind time); nonetheless it was beautiful.

Nude of course

Following the manicure we had our pedicures with new technicians. The pedicures included all the nail perks (you know cuticle clean up, buffing, the usual), a foot mask, foot scrub and foot massage.

Literally LUSH. Deluxe. I was ready to take a nap and float in the clouds. All my inhibitions, worries, vanished, just like that.

Foot mask that practically took me to the clouds

The technicians were so attentive, calming and friendly. We even had a bit of banter. From taking our coats when we entered, offering beverages, simply moving our bags when moving from one chair to another, and putting on our coats on our departure, the service was exquisite.

Got to love customised items

Customer service, is such a simple skill, but yet so many companies fall at this necessity. Aswell as the atmosphere, customers pay for the service and attention to detail. Smooth You have this down to the T.

Following our treatments, we headed to Rudies, a caribbean spot in Dalston that I saw a number of good reviews for. It is not a flashy place per say, it does have a slightly rustic aura expressed through the decor and furniture. The customer service is rather relaxed (not bad), just chilled. I sipped on the ‘Jerk it Up’ cocktail (£6 during happy hour);

sweet and tantalising to my taste buds

With a beautiful balance between the generous serving of alcohol and sweetness of the orange, I would highly recommend it!

I had the Jerk Lamb Rump with Rice and Peas – so original I know! Even more original, my mum had the Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas. Being the indulgent individuals we are, we got a portion of sweet potato fries to share. My lamb was well done (as always); and was gorgeous; perfectly cooked, with a medium heat of spice. There was a jerk sauce served alongside the meal, it was too sharp for my taste buds;  a bit of an overkill on the seasoning of the meat in my opinion, but my mum liked it.

I’m greedy, but the portions were perfect

All in all, it’s a nice spot to go to with friends or family for a chilled out meal or a drink. It is by no means fancy dining, so do not turn up in Louboutin heels, but it’s a great alternative (slightly pricier, but worth it) to your cheeky Nandos.

So if you are struggling to find a mother’s day gift or looking for somewhere different and affordable to try out, check both spots out (details with site links below).

If you have any other suggestions, please share!

Until next time x

Smooth You Town Spa 

Location: By Dalston Junction

Offers: Mothers Day 2 Express Manicures and Pedicures £99 (saving you £41) 


Location: Dalston (next to Nandos)

Offers: Happy Hour 5-7pm Mon-Fri, Half Price Jerk Chicken Mon 5-10pm & more…

Delivery option: Uber Eats or Deliveroo 



The Struggle is ONLY Temporary


I’m back and I’m better!

Am I still allowed to say that? Or is Bryson too 2016?

Anywhoms, I’m back after a very testing period of this university lifestyle. And following my ‘stress is not my portion‘ post I thought, it was only fair to share my stressful moment too; because I’m not out here picking daises and chilling, life is trying it with me too!

Approximately a week ago, dooms-day arrived i.e. Dissertation deadline day. For the last 5 days before my deadline, I was looking like Krusty the clown featuring Nanny McPhee. In the library all hours. Shifts ending while the birds were chirping. No word of a lie, I didn’t necessarily know what day of the week it was, I just knew that my deadline was Xdays and Xhours away. The only thing that was keeping me going was the fact that, I knew in Xdays and Xhours it was going to be over.

During times of struggle, whether that may be financially, emotionally or physically, a reminder that your struggle is only temporary is the most important reminder of them all! For example, we all know about the struggle before the ‘student loan drop’, we know the struggle is only temporary because our bank accounts will be well-endowed soon.

In some areas of life, this is not as easy a concept to master by simply speaking the positivity into existence. Deeper struggles like debt, a broken relationship or loss of a loved one don’t feel like temporary struggles. As long as you are on earth the struggle may remain, and may only get easier, but it is about finding peace in knowing that it does get better.

How do you find peace? You can find peace in prayer or reflection. Focusing on the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome, the good things you enjoy and the great things that are to come.

So, to round it off, whatever your struggle may be, remember that it is only temporary, it will get better (as long as you work on it, because there are not any fairy godmothers granting you wishes out here) and find peace to keep striving through your struggle.

2 Corinthians 4:17 (ESV)

For this light momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison

2 Corinthians 4:17 (NLT)

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!

Remember…you are destined for greatness.

“Stress is not my portion”

stress-is-not-my-portionHey guys,

So I just read a young ladies blog post that popped up on my TL (timeline) on twitter. Titled ‘UNINSPIRED. STRESSED. LONELY.’ She writes about how she was feeling,  how she was removed from her negative space and drops some tips too.

I’m not one to express the feeling of stress. Not explicitly anyway. If the deadline is looming, I’ll laugh about it. If things aren’t going to plan, I’ll act super chilled. Deep down inside my soul, I know I am stressed; but you know when there is no other option but to pull through, so you just get on with it.

During the final year of uni there are 101 things on the agenda. Deadlines. Dissertation. Doing work. Keeping up to date with the news. Countless emails in the inbox pressuring you to start your application before the deadline.  Oh and don’t forget you have to make sure your application is 100% tailored to the employer so that means research. AND on top of ALL of that, a girl wants to STAY CUTE and live her life *insert crying emoji*. It’s a lot.

Now, they did say final year would not be easy, but damn.

Whether its final year, your job or your event on the line, you’re going to experience this heightened stress period at some (probably several) point in your life. I am not here to give you a list of tips on how to be organised. I am not here to give you the number one tip on not being stressed. I am here to tell you to remember one thing and one thing only. When you feel the stress hitting you just tell yourself one thing:


This is a little colloquial so let me break it down. It simply means stress is not for me. I will not be stressed. Stress? What’s that?

Once you declare it into existence, you can make it reality. In fact say it aloud. Don’t whisper it. Say it with authority. Mean it. Say it with your chest.

This will not eradicate your problems. It will not solve your issues. But, it will remind you that no obstacle is strong enough to combat your greatness. Stress is a feeling. You are in control of your feelings. Nobody else. Once you take control of your feelings, you’re one step closer to taking control of your problems.

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you… Do not let your hearts be troubled…”

If you know somebody really feeling real stressed right now, share this with them.

For now stay cute – guys stay fresh – and remember you’re destined for greatness.