I nearly sold my soul to my degree

Guess who's back 😉 It's been a while...maybe a bit more of a while; but exams hit me like a bulldozer through a brick wall. Final year has hit me pretty hard. As it does to many. As my life hangs in the balance of the grades to be announced, for the first time in a... Continue Reading →

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The Struggle is ONLY Temporary

I'm back and I'm better! Am I still allowed to say that? Or is Bryson too 2016? Anywhoms, I'm back after a very testing period of this university lifestyle. And following my 'stress is not my portion' post I thought, it was only fair to share my stressful moment too; because I'm not out here picking... Continue Reading →

Sayonara 2016!

2016. What a year. Frank Ocean finally released new music...wasn't worth the wait in my opinion. Solange came through though! (go on girl with your bad self!) There was no such thing as fashion without a choker. 14 million people tuned in to see the last episode of The Great British Bake Off aired on... Continue Reading →

Christmas killed by Commercialism

So it has just hit December and Christmas is upon us. The year goes by so quickly these days, it's actually insane. Although it is December and the world's most anticipated holiday is around the corner, I feel no Christmas spirit whatsoever. I feel like commercialism has killed the essence of Christmas. Definition of commercialism:... Continue Reading →

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