Treat yourself & someone special too

It was my mum's birthday this week and in the run up to the day I was racking my brains to find something affordable for her to enjoy. She's not really one for birthdays but you've got to treat the Madre. Considering the final year pressure I am under and the everyday stresses my mum is under,... Continue Reading →

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Cropped Denim

It had been months since I had done some in-store shopping, and maybe I was not looking in the right places, but nothing online appealed to me at all. It was all dead Christmas stock, with one or two introductory new line pieces. I was tired of looking at the same jumpers and knitwear from last... Continue Reading →

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Forgiveness for Happiness

Hey people, What's poppin'? Hope you're having a nice weekend; maybe extended Valentine's weekend? Maybe a pamper weekend for yourself? Is it just me who feels like people are constantly trying me? I am trying my best to be a child of God, to be a good person, but people do not want it. Why?... Continue Reading →

Be your first Valentine

Hey guys, Happy Valentines Day, weekend, week, month...whatever for whenever you're reading this lol. St. Valentine's day is recognised as a day of love, devotion and romance. Since the mid 18th century the commercialisation of Valentine's Day has grown; with it being the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year. Aside from the... Continue Reading →

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