Confidence is not to be camouflaged but celebrated

Not to say that I am the shyest of them all, or that I even grew up being the shyest kid on the block; but I can vouch that of late, I have not been my most confident. When I was younger I was a lot more confident in my abilities, my visions and my... Continue Reading →

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Monochrome babe

Oi Oi, Yaaaaasss it is finally British Summer Time people. Hope you actually remembered to move your clocks forward. I know this sunshine, means exams (which breaks my heart) but it also means that as much as I love my coats, we can work with lighter ones. I'm not quite going to pack the coats... Continue Reading →

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Forgiveness for Happiness

Hey people, What's poppin'? Hope you're having a nice weekend; maybe extended Valentine's weekend? Maybe a pamper weekend for yourself? Is it just me who feels like people are constantly trying me? I am trying my best to be a child of God, to be a good person, but people do not want it. Why?... Continue Reading →

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