Confidence is not to be camouflaged but celebrated

Not to say that I am the shyest of them all, or that I even grew up being the shyest kid on the block; but I can vouch that of late, I have not been my most confident. When I was younger I was a lot more confident in my abilities, my visions and my... Continue Reading →

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I nearly sold my soul to my degree

Guess who's back 😉 It's been a while...maybe a bit more of a while; but exams hit me like a bulldozer through a brick wall. Final year has hit me pretty hard. As it does to many. As my life hangs in the balance of the grades to be announced, for the first time in a... Continue Reading →

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Be your first Valentine

Hey guys, Happy Valentines Day, weekend, week, month...whatever for whenever you're reading this lol. St. Valentine's day is recognised as a day of love, devotion and romance. Since the mid 18th century the commercialisation of Valentine's Day has grown; with it being the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year. Aside from the... Continue Reading →

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