Who me?

Hey, my name is Winnie-Renée, a young British lass from London. I’m a girl of opinion. Sometimes more of a ranter as opposed to an affluent opinion maker. It’s a heat of the moment thing.

Maybe it’s because I’m the only child, so I’m used to having conversations with myself; and I am rather content with it. However, I thought it was time I shared it with you guys; I mean sharing is caring right?

Ultimately I am not going to limit this to a blog about one particular thing. Just here to give some words of encouragement, create some discussion (maybe a bit controversial) and open your minds.

I’m not a popular kid. I’m not a know it all. None of that. But, don’t get it twisted. I’m metro boomin’. If no one is going to blow your trumpet, you better get your own marching band mate.

Any whom, welcome to my world.



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