Confidence is not to be camouflaged but celebrated

Not to say that I am the shyest of them all, or that I even grew up being the shyest kid on the block; but I can vouch that of late, I have not been my most confident.

When I was younger I was a lot more confident in my abilities, my visions and my decisions. But the older I get the more reserved I become. The more I question my gut response. The more conscious I am of people’s opinions.

Of course, as humans, our decision making process does account for possible external judgments on our actions; whether that be determinative or only to a degree, it is still there.

People who portray themselves to be carefree are sometimes praised, but also sometimes ridiculed for their “cockiness”. This isn’t always the people who are the loudest, the prettiest or the funniest; but sometimes those who are simply confident in their own skin.

Definition of camouflage: to conceal the existence of (something undesirable). 

No one should feel as though they need to conceal what makes them who they are or  what makes them happy, in the fear of being misjudged.

Confidence (to be distinct from cockiness) displays traits of self-love, self-belief and strength. We seek confidence in our parents, in our government (although they are on thin ice at the moment) and our partners. Such a desirable and beautiful characteristic should not be concealed.

The less concerned I have been about external opinions, the more confident I have become. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know. It is a journey, And on a level of ‘zero – Rih Rih’ in confidence, I am not even sure I am half way there yet.

Confidence needs to be skin deep to radiate through.

Confidence is easier said than found,

but it is never lost forever.

It simply takes time.

In all honesty, the re-build of my confidence began at God-fidence. Yes, God-fidence. (It’s not a typo). If God is confident in my ability to fulfil my purpose, then why am I even raising the question?

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (NIV)

This summer I am taking of vow of self-confidence. Take it with me.

This could be taking on a new project, travelling, combatting a fear or just trying a new hair style.

It starts from this vow here. Speak it into existence. Then simply, fake it till we make it.

Ta Ta x


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