Monochrome babe

Oi Oi,

Yaaaaasss it is finally British Summer Time people. Hope you actually remembered to move your clocks forward.

I know this sunshine, means exams (which breaks my heart) but it also means that as much as I love my coats, we can work with lighter ones.

I’m not quite going to pack the coats and jackets away yet, but I am trying to embrace the sunshine while it lasts.

Layering is a girls best friend

so this long, exaggerated sleeve shirt with this simple black cami (maxi?) dress was the way to go here.

Bring on that good spring weather! (because we know we’re not seeing summer until August…)

Cudos x

Choker – Primark – £3 – bargain!

Shirt dress – Missguided – £25 –  sooooo soft!

Cami Dress – H&M (midi alternative –  ASOS – £22) – although if you are in store have a hunt for it, it is great for girls with curves because it actually fits, its got some stretch to it, but it’s not jersey. Like a light scuba material I think…

Bag – Zara -(alternative for the purpose of colour – Zara – £29.99) – You can totally get away with any bright bag; but there is definitely something about yellow this season 😉

Socks – Missguided – £3 

Trainers – Asos – £20 (quite a few alternatives so just search for white trainers on the website)

PS: don’t forget to check all my other posts too 😉


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