Cropped Denim

It had been months since I had done some in-store shopping, and maybe I was not looking in the right places, but nothing online appealed to me at all. It was all dead Christmas stock, with one or two introductory new line pieces. I was tired of looking at the same jumpers and knitwear from last season, I was looking for something fresh and revitalising.

On my trip back from the gym, being the only time I head into town, I quickly popped into Zara. It was only meant to be a 5 minute scan of the new lines, 5 minutes very quickly turned into 40 minutes.

I spotted this cropped Zara Denim Jacket and immediately remembered a denim jacket a vlogger mentioned on Youtube. I checked the price tag – £29.99 – shocking I know- and immediately took an M and L to the changing room, along with some other pieces. I was already sold on the jacket, just wanted to get the right size. I went for the more oversized L, as I wasn’t looking for a fitted look and the rest is history.

The sun was shining one day and of course I leapt for it. It’s a bit chilly to be worn on it’s own at the moment, but it’s a nice indoor piece when in the library or in lectures, until summer comes on by.

It’s perfect because it can be worn super-casually, or dressy-casually. Collect it before the price goes up!

Choker – Missguided – sold out 😦 alternative £5.00

Cropped Denim Jacket (my favourite!) – Zara – £29.99

Ribbed Maxi Dress – Missguided – sold out 😦 midi alternative £28.00

Non-branded White Trainers – ASOS – sold out, but can pretty much purchase anywhere – suggestion £20.00

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