Forgiveness for Happiness


Hey people,

What’s poppin’? Hope you’re having a nice weekend; maybe extended Valentine’s weekend? Maybe a pamper weekend for yourself?

Is it just me who feels like people are constantly trying me? I am trying my best to be a child of God, to be a good person, but people do not want it. Why?

Today I am encouraging you to forgive; not for the person you are forgiving, but for yourself. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, you’re unable to do your work effectively, everything annoys you, all of a sudden you cannot see the positives, all you see is red. Why?

Because holding a grudge takes work. Being angry takes energy. Being annoyed and upset takes away from your happiness.

By deciding to forgive someone who has acted wrongly against you, you are not only taking the emotions of the situation into your control – by ‘being the bigger person’ – but you are acting out of self-love, to maintain your happiness (Did you read my self-love post? Get it? If not, check it out).

Of course, it would be nice if the wrongdoer apologised; but you cannot always wait for an apology. It may take someone weeks, months or years to apologise, and during that time they’re a draining your energy, draining your positivity – we quite simply don’t have time for that. This means that sometimes, you have forgive, before you receive your apology, even if you know you may never receive it.

True forgiveness does not make you weak-willed. Nor does it mean that if it is a friend you’re forgiving, you go back to being best friends; or if it is a partner, you go back to having a dreamy, rosy relationship. I do not know who came up with “forgive and forget”, I understand the concept, but I disagree. For one’s own emotional protection, it would be foolish for you to forget; but true forgiveness allows you to move forward from the negative emotion, so much so that you are still aware and proceed with caution if you do, but you do not use it as ammunition for ‘pay-back’ or vengeance.

It is also worth remembering that none of us are free from wrongdoing. We have done wrong to others before; it would be nice to be forgiven too, wouldn’t it?

Forgive wrongdoers, control & maintain your happiness.

For my believers: Christ calls on you, to move past an “eye for an eye” (Matthew 5:38) and “love your enemies”(Matthew 5:44). Why? Embodying a Christian identity requires us to go the extra mile. It is easy for us to love those who care for and love us; but it takes more for an individual to forgive those who do wrong towards us; especially those who do not recognise their wrongdoing. Anyone can love someone who shows love for them, it takes a special individual, a child of God, someone with a certain spiritual strength, to truly forgive and love those who do wrong to them.

Similarly, remember that we are not free from sin. It would be rather bold of us to ask God for forgiveness for the number of sins we commit daily, the grave sins we commit regularly, time and time again; but yet refuse to forgive someone who does wrong to us. Some food for thought.

There it is folks, forgive and stay happy 🙂

Remember…you are destined for greatness.

PS: If you haven’t, check out my last post on self-love & my fashion posts too if you want x


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