Sayonara 2016!


2016. What a year. Frank Ocean finally released new music…wasn’t worth the wait in my opinion. Solange came through though! (go on girl with your bad self!) There was no such thing as fashion without a choker. 14 million people tuned in to see the last episode of The Great British Bake Off aired on the BBC. Rio hosted the Olympics…honestly, who even remembers that?

2 major things I think everyone learnt (or relearnt) this year:

1.Nothing is promised. Therefore, you cannot afford to hold your future or prosperity in the hands of anything or anyone. 

How many of us thought that the UK would actually end up leaving the EU? Seriously?! Many of us thought it was some kind of egotistic, political barney that would eventually blow over. Some of us made an informed vote. Others voted blindly. Better still, following the disastrous result, David Cameron decided it was all a bit overwhelming, and resigned to his comfy £1,000,000+ farmhouse in Witney! I’m not even going to delve into American politics, I don’t think I have quite come to terms with that one. My point is, a lot of us didn’t think that the unexpected would become our reality. No one has the power to control everything, and ultimately the future isn’t 100% in our hands, but where we can steer our boats in the right direction, we better start steering.

With all the opportunity to grow, thrive and fulfil your dreams, take your future into your hands. Granted, the competition is rife; but it’s up to you to grab the bull [of life] by its horns. If they don’t want to give you a job, create your own. Nobody wants to teach you, teach yourself. Society is developing so quickly that the conventional isn’t so conventional anymore. 2017 is your year, make it a year that no one will ever forget, was destined for you.

On that note, the biggest lesson, teaching, motto of them all:

2.God’s timing is the best timing. (Wait your turn).

In a world where everyone’s story is so accessible through social media and the good old printed press, there is an unprecedented rush to get to ‘where you’re supposed to be.’ It is so easy to doubt your journey. Social media is fantastic, it allows you to learn from others and be inspired; but your path is not the same as A, B, C. As always, the grass looks greener on the other side. The light looks 10x brighter at the end of the tunnel. There’s a rush to make it to the other side ASAP; but life is a journey, so we should enjoy our journey. Enjoy the moment while it lasts; while you’re in it. Your time is coming; and when it does come you will have been so engrossed in the present moment that it will taste even sweeter because you weren’t sitting and anticipating for your turn. So whether it is the graduate scheme you have been waiting on. Those subscribers that haven’t hit that subscribe button. Or the husband you have been waiting for. It is coming; if not, there are better and greater things on the horizon for you. You can never rewind the clock and you only get one life so, trust in, and enjoy your journey.

Isaiah 40:31 – But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

On that note, 2016 has most definitely been the year of “realizing stuff”. Reflection is a major key, so reflect on the good and the bad of the year. Leave all anguish, regrets and bitterness behind; and bring with you happiness, prosperity, new energy and love!

Sayonara 2016! Hello 2017!


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