Don’t inhibit it. Embrace it.

I always admire creatives and performers for their ability to just go for it. For them the sky is the limit.

When I was younger I was never hesitant. Whatever I wanted to do, I would do it. Whatever I wanted to say, I would say it. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve become a lot more cautious of what I do and say. Sometimes we’re hesitant to avoid being offensive. But sometimes when we do this we inhibit ourselves from growing. We often stop ourselves because we are so conscious of what other people are doing, saying, or what everyone else’s reactions to what we’re doing is going to be.

Some of my greatest and proudest moments have come from the times I just went for it.

  1. Miss Uganda 2014 – I kid you not, I did not know how to walk in heels. I had to put myself out there; let friends, family, and everyone else know what I was doing, and why I was doing it, in the hope that they wouldn’t laugh at me. To be honest, I had never taken beauty pageants seriously, but I was brickin’ it when it came to my turn. But hey, who knew this girl was about to become 1st Princess.
  2. Dance – when I was younger, I was part of a dance company. My best performances were when I really gave it my all. Trust me, if you could see the videos, I was really giving it my all. Thinking I was one Beyonce up there. A scout (looking for kids younger than I was) even said I had amazing talent, really stood out and if I kept it up, I’d go far. Long story short, I didn’t keep it up and I’m still here. But my point is, I gave it my all and someone else could see the fruits of my efforts.
  3. This blog – Funnily enough, I said I was going to make this blog in 2014.  Yes. Nearly 3 years ago now. Me and my friend were talking for hours on the phone about life, what we wanted to do, where we wanted to be. We vowed that she was going to start her youtube channel and I was going to start my blog. Nearly 3 years later…Mama we made it!

Are you open to embracing your own creativity? Are you inhibiting your ability? I’m not just talking about creativity in art, this could be doing hair, making a podcast, writing…the list is endless. We get so stuck in the academics, our jobs, or life’s general to-do-list, that we lose ourselves sometimes.

So whatever it is that you’ve been hesitant about doing, make a plan to do it. If it’s starting your own business, draw up a business plan. If it’s going for that big chop, do it. Here are few steps to overcoming your hesitancy:

  1. Set a date & don’t move it! – within this time frame, give yourself time for adjustments if need be.
  2. Tell someone what you’re going to do. Use social media if you want, tell your family, tell your friends. Now they’re expecting it, you’ll feel compelled to do it.
  3. If you’re happy with it, go for it and go strong. If it’s a video promo hard. A song play it everyday.
  4. Focus on those supporting you. Nothing hurts a hater more than ignoring them.

John 20:21: “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” – You were made and chosen by God to show others His spirt. You have been given your own unique way of getting others to build a relationship with God. Don’t inhibit it. Embrace it. Sing about it. (Don’t be cocky though, even if you are real good.)

Don’t allow yourself to be the obstacle to your own greatness, because you are destined for greatness, always! Limitless.


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