Confidence is not to be camouflaged but celebrated

Not to say that I am the shyest of them all, or that I even grew up being the shyest kid on the block; but I can vouch that of late, I have not been my most confident.

When I was younger I was a lot more confident in my abilities, my visions and my decisions. But the older I get the more reserved I become. The more I question my gut response. The more conscious I am of people’s opinions.

Of course, as humans, our decision making process does account for possible external judgments on our actions; whether that be determinative or only to a degree, it is still there.

People who portray themselves to be carefree are sometimes praised, but also sometimes ridiculed for their “cockiness”. This isn’t always the people who are the loudest, the prettiest or the funniest; but sometimes those who are simply confident in their own skin.

Definition of camouflage: to conceal the existence of (something undesirable). 

No one should feel as though they need to conceal what makes them who they are or  what makes them happy, in the fear of being misjudged.

Confidence (to be distinct from cockiness) displays traits of self-love, self-belief and strength. We seek confidence in our parents, in our government (although they are on thin ice at the moment) and our partners. Such a desirable and beautiful characteristic should not be concealed.

The less concerned I have been about external opinions, the more confident I have become. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know. It is a journey, And on a level of ‘zero – Rih Rih’ in confidence, I am not even sure I am half way there yet.

Confidence needs to be skin deep to radiate through.

Confidence is easier said than found,

but it is never lost forever.

It simply takes time.

In all honesty, the re-build of my confidence began at God-fidence. Yes, God-fidence. (It’s not a typo). If God is confident in my ability to fulfil my purpose, then why am I even raising the question?

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (NIV)

This summer I am taking of vow of self-confidence. Take it with me.

This could be taking on a new project, travelling, combatting a fear or just trying a new hair style.

It starts from this vow here. Speak it into existence. Then simply, fake it till we make it.

Ta Ta x


I nearly sold my soul to my degree

Guess who’s back 😉

It’s been a while…maybe a bit more of a while; but exams hit me like a bulldozer through a brick wall.

Final year has hit me pretty hard. As it does to many.

As my life hangs in the balance of the grades to be announced, for the first time in a long time, I have time to kick back and relax. (Well as much as anyone who is unreasonably expected to have their life sorted pending their graduation date would).

Trying to work out where my mojo vanished to has been baffling me for weeks. It may sound cliche, but I have recently been experiencing a sense of unease and lack of inspiration. Going back and forth between university and home hardly serves as the most exhilarating journey of all time.

It is not until this light bulb moment right here that it has dawned on me, that being so entirely engrossed in academic reading and writing has hindered my opportunity to enjoy anything else. I had nearly lost myself in required reading and past paper questions. That is not to say that academic reading is boring. Parts of it is interesting. But, heavily  reading academia for academic purposes does not do much for the creative flow.

To redeem by mojo back I went out for some drinks, have been divulging myself in my pile of unread magazines and plan to start reading again; open up my imaginative mind. Alongside my creativity, my faith took a bit of slippery-slope-slip as well. Not to say I had lost it, I still prayed, went to church, and continued to believe that God would guide me through this treacherous journey they call a law degree. But what I had lost was my desire to seek God, my desire to continuing building our relationship, my desire to get closer. Our conversation often didn’t get much richer than thank you, tomorrow is a new day, help me to work harder, do well.

Some people can bounce straight back up and into their mojo again, but if you’re struggling, consider revisiting a favourite spot, an old hobby or trying something new. Anything to get your spirit back into top gear. Getting my religious spirit back into gear might take some time. To be honest, I believe you always have to be working on it, to remain in high spirits. However, I do believe that a slip in inspiration requires some intervention. Therefore, I’ve been looking for sermons that speak to me directly; so I can literally feel God’s presence.

If you are time management king or queen, do not lost that skill. However, most of us are still learning.  Just make sure you do not lose yourself, lose your soul, in the aspiration of achieving one goal.

Matthew 16:26: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul. Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

We have thousands of goals but only one soul to protect, one soul to help us, one soul to save us.

Hopefully our efforts will be fruitful and we can get back to our vivacious selves. Being inspired to inspire.

Ta ta for now x


Monochrome babe

Oi Oi,

Yaaaaasss it is finally British Summer Time people. Hope you actually remembered to move your clocks forward.

I know this sunshine, means exams (which breaks my heart) but it also means that as much as I love my coats, we can work with lighter ones.

I’m not quite going to pack the coats and jackets away yet, but I am trying to embrace the sunshine while it lasts.

Layering is a girls best friend

so this long, exaggerated sleeve shirt with this simple black cami (maxi?) dress was the way to go here.

Bring on that good spring weather! (because we know we’re not seeing summer until August…)

Cudos x

Choker – Primark – £3 – bargain!

Shirt dress – Missguided – £25 –  sooooo soft!

Cami Dress – H&M (midi alternative –  ASOS – £22) – although if you are in store have a hunt for it, it is great for girls with curves because it actually fits, its got some stretch to it, but it’s not jersey. Like a light scuba material I think…

Bag – Zara -(alternative for the purpose of colour – Zara – £29.99) – You can totally get away with any bright bag; but there is definitely something about yellow this season 😉

Socks – Missguided – £3 

Trainers – Asos – £20 (quite a few alternatives so just search for white trainers on the website)

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Treat yourself & someone special too

It was my mum’s birthday this week and in the run up to the day I was racking my brains to find something affordable for her to enjoy. She’s not really one for birthdays but you’ve got to treat the Madre. Considering the final year pressure I am under and the everyday stresses my mum is under, I thought some kind of pampering was due for the both of us.

Looking for something close to home, but also luxurious and relaxing, I came across Smooth You Town Spa located in the heart of Dalston Junction. Funnily enough it was a place I had found a year ago, on an internet hunt for something to do for my 20th. Despite having put down a deposit, I never managed to finalise the plans.

As I looked through their website again I was impressed by the clean, sleek and easy navigation of the site. Considering, I already had a £20 deposit which was valid for a year, it was the perfect time for me to use it. With a Mother’s Day offer available for the month, I negotiated on the phone to upscale the offer from express to luxury treatments for both of us.

We arrived a little late (my fault, guilty as charged), but they were very understanding. We had a beautiful luxury manicure including a massage (it was meant to include a hand mask, but we were running behind time); nonetheless it was beautiful.

Nude of course

Following the manicure we had our pedicures with new technicians. The pedicures included all the nail perks (you know cuticle clean up, buffing, the usual), a foot mask, foot scrub and foot massage.

Literally LUSH. Deluxe. I was ready to take a nap and float in the clouds. All my inhibitions, worries, vanished, just like that.

Foot mask that practically took me to the clouds

The technicians were so attentive, calming and friendly. We even had a bit of banter. From taking our coats when we entered, offering beverages, simply moving our bags when moving from one chair to another, and putting on our coats on our departure, the service was exquisite.

Got to love customised items

Customer service, is such a simple skill, but yet so many companies fall at this necessity. Aswell as the atmosphere, customers pay for the service and attention to detail. Smooth You have this down to the T.

Following our treatments, we headed to Rudies, a caribbean spot in Dalston that I saw a number of good reviews for. It is not a flashy place per say, it does have a slightly rustic aura expressed through the decor and furniture. The customer service is rather relaxed (not bad), just chilled. I sipped on the ‘Jerk it Up’ cocktail (£6 during happy hour);

sweet and tantalising to my taste buds

With a beautiful balance between the generous serving of alcohol and sweetness of the orange, I would highly recommend it!

I had the Jerk Lamb Rump with Rice and Peas – so original I know! Even more original, my mum had the Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas. Being the indulgent individuals we are, we got a portion of sweet potato fries to share. My lamb was well done (as always); and was gorgeous; perfectly cooked, with a medium heat of spice. There was a jerk sauce served alongside the meal, it was too sharp for my taste buds;  a bit of an overkill on the seasoning of the meat in my opinion, but my mum liked it.

I’m greedy, but the portions were perfect

All in all, it’s a nice spot to go to with friends or family for a chilled out meal or a drink. It is by no means fancy dining, so do not turn up in Louboutin heels, but it’s a great alternative (slightly pricier, but worth it) to your cheeky Nandos.

So if you are struggling to find a mother’s day gift or looking for somewhere different and affordable to try out, check both spots out (details with site links below).

If you have any other suggestions, please share!

Until next time x

Smooth You Town Spa 

Location: By Dalston Junction

Offers: Mothers Day 2 Express Manicures and Pedicures £99 (saving you £41) 


Location: Dalston (next to Nandos)

Offers: Happy Hour 5-7pm Mon-Fri, Half Price Jerk Chicken Mon 5-10pm & more…

Delivery option: Uber Eats or Deliveroo 


Cropped Denim

It had been months since I had done some in-store shopping, and maybe I was not looking in the right places, but nothing online appealed to me at all. It was all dead Christmas stock, with one or two introductory new line pieces. I was tired of looking at the same jumpers and knitwear from last season, I was looking for something fresh and revitalising.

On my trip back from the gym, being the only time I head into town, I quickly popped into Zara. It was only meant to be a 5 minute scan of the new lines, 5 minutes very quickly turned into 40 minutes.

I spotted this cropped Zara Denim Jacket and immediately remembered a denim jacket a vlogger mentioned on Youtube. I checked the price tag – £29.99 – shocking I know- and immediately took an M and L to the changing room, along with some other pieces. I was already sold on the jacket, just wanted to get the right size. I went for the more oversized L, as I wasn’t looking for a fitted look and the rest is history.

The sun was shining one day and of course I leapt for it. It’s a bit chilly to be worn on it’s own at the moment, but it’s a nice indoor piece when in the library or in lectures, until summer comes on by.

It’s perfect because it can be worn super-casually, or dressy-casually. Collect it before the price goes up!

Choker – Missguided – sold out 😦 alternative £5.00

Cropped Denim Jacket (my favourite!) – Zara – £29.99

Ribbed Maxi Dress – Missguided – sold out 😦 midi alternative £28.00

Non-branded White Trainers – ASOS – sold out, but can pretty much purchase anywhere – suggestion £20.00

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